Shopping Malls

Value to the Mall

The Trains & Rides Co.  pays the Shopping Mall  for open area leasing. We own the train and we take care of: the operation, employees,maintenance, insurance, etc.

We will work together with the mall’s marketing department to:

  • Advertise & Launch Big Opening
  • Decorate the train according to the Mall’s Theme of the season or special event.
  • Modify the ride’s route as needed to show passengers specific mall areas or stores.


  • 1 Trained  Driver + 1 Escort walking along the train for the whole duration of the ride
  • Young kids (< 36”)  must be accompanied by an adult

  • 6.1 km/hr max speed ( normal walking speed)

  • Safety bumper

  • Child –proof door locks

  • Safety netting between cars

  • Anti-collision System (ACS). It works by using state of the art ultrasonic detectors to sense objects, persons and obstructions (up to 2.5 m ahead); it either slows down the train or stops it altogether depending on the proximity detected

  • Plus, The Trains & Rides Co.  has a comprehensive Property and Public Liability insurance




  • Space for a small  selling point stand. (60w x 50d x 130h cm)

  • Between rides, the mini-express needs at least   a 12 x 2 meters space to park and  collect passengers

  • Electrical Outlet to re-charge the train overnight

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